The most important metric for measuring crypto's adoption is active users.

Here are three smart contracts on Base and Optimism that have had strong user growth in recent weeks ๐Ÿ‘‡

(not going to mention friendtech, you already know about it lol)

Protocol #1

Rabbithole: RabbitholeTickets

Chain: Optimism

Rabbithole makes it easy for protocols to set up โ€œquestsโ€ where users are rewarded for performing certain on-chain actions. For example, you could participate in an Aave quest and earn $AAVE for lending and borrowing on the app.

This contract mints NFTs for users who complete one of Rabbithole's NFT quests.

โ€Œโ€ŒWhat's next?

On most โ€œquestโ€ platforms, like Galxe, a protocol team works directly with the platform to set up a quest.

The new Rabbithole platform takes a different approach: anyone can set up a quest for any protocol. This is cool because it enables a new type of onchain job: Quest Creators. Quest Creators can request a grant from a DAO to run a growth campaign, deploy the funds in a quest, and earn rewards based on the number of participants who completed a quest.

I'm curious to see if this tool, and others like it, will be widely adopted by protocols that want to pay for performance marketing, similar to how web2 companies widely adopted affiliate networks.

Protocol #2

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