The most important metric for measuring crypto's adoption is active users.

Here are three smart contracts that have hit consistent user growth recently 👇

Protocol #1

Wido: WidoStarknetRouter

Chain: Ethereum

Wido is a tool that makes it easy for DeFi protocols to accept deposits in any token from any chain. Wido handles any necessary bridging in the background.

For example, if a protocol has a USDC yield vault on Optimism, they can integrate the Wido API so that a user with ETH on Arbitrum can deposit funds without swapping or bridging.

This specific contract routes Wido transactions between Ethereum and Starknet.

The main driver of the recent spike in usage is that Jediswap (a DEX on Starknet) integrated Wido, allowing users to deposit into Jediswap LP pools using funds they have on Ethereum.

‌‌What's next?

More protocols will likely adopt tools like Wido or build their own solutions so that they can accept deposits on any chain and in any token. DeFi protocols want more users and TVL. Having to bridge and swap to access a specific protocol is high friction. Liquidity will become more fragmented as more L2s launch and fight for market share. Therefore, there's a lot of value in improving the UX of cross-chain activity.

Protocol #2

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