GPT Crypto Data Guide

Understanding on-chain data gives you an edge if you're building a crypto product, evaluating investment opportunities, or looking for a job.

In this series, we'll speedrun your journey from blockchain data beginner to expert using AI and Dune Analytics 🧙✨

GPT is not deterministic; there is an element of randomness in how it responds to prompts. I've found that a good prompt will generate correct SQL code most of the time, but not all the time.

I include examples of common mistakes GPT makes when working with Dune data and tips on how to deal with those hallucinations.

v0.2 - Analysis using DuneAI

Part 1: Questions about categories


v0.1 - Analysis using ChatGPT + Dune

In November 2023, Dune recently released a native AI assistant called DuneAI. It's much easier to generate Dune queries with DuneAI than ChatGPT. Reference the v0.2 guide to get started with DuneAI.

Part 1: Spells

Part 2: Decoded Projects

Part 3: Raw Transaction Data

Part 4: Raw Logs and Traces

Part 5: Prices

Part 6: Dashboard Design