The most important metric for measuring crypto's adoption is active users.

Here are three smart contracts on Ethereum that have had strong user growth recently 👇

Protocol #1

Telepathy: UUPSProxy

Chain: Ethereum

Telepathy is a bridge protocol that allows developers to read Ethereum state on any other chain.

Unlike many cross-chain bridges that rely on centralized actors, such as multisigs held by a small group of validators, Telepathy takes a different approach to security.

Telepathy validates information about Ethereum state by using zkSNARKs to verify Ethereum validator signatures on-chain. So you don't need to trust a centralised actor to behave fairly.

This contract is used to send and receive cross-chain messages.

‌‌What's next?

Most of the usage on this contract is probably airdrop farming, but the Telepathy team is working on an important problem.

More than $2.6B has been lost in bridge hacks, with $863M of that amount being lost in hacks where private keys were stolen from centralized parties. I'd like to see greater adoption of trustless bridging solutions like zk-bridging.

Protocol #2

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Issue #015: ZK proofs, TWAP trades and ENS names