If you haven't worked through the earlier parts of this guide, check them out before continuing with this lesson.

In the last lesson, we learnt how to build queries on raw blockchain data. Now, we'll learn how to use Dune’s token pricing data.

I’m using the free version of ChatGPT, so the prompts in this guide will work for everyone 🙂

Price Data

Dune has 3 main pricing tables

  • prices.usd_latest = The most recent $ price of a token
  • prices.usd = Historical $ price of a token
  • prices.token = General information on tokens; their symbol, contract addresses .etc

You can find these tables by opening a new query and searching for ‘prices’ in the data explorer.

Let's use the price data to get the average cost of an Ethereum transaction in dollars.

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GPT Crypto Data Guide #5