The most important metric for measuring crypto's adoption is active users.

Here are three smart contracts that have seen consistent user growth recently 👇

Protocol #1

LlamaSwap: Llamazip

Chain: Optimism

Llamazip is a router for UniswapV3 trades. It was optimised to deliver the cheapest possible gas cost for swaps on Optimism.

Most DEX aggregators deploy the same contracts on all chains and L2. These contracts are optimized for the gas conditions on L1s (ethereum, bsc, avax .etc) where storage is expensive and calldata is cheap. But on Optimism and other L2s, the reverse is true; calldata is expensive and computation is cheap.

LlamaZip compresses calldata as much as possible, so it's usually 10X cheaper to use than other aggregators and, as a result, ranks higher in the DefiLlama meta-aggregator.

‌‌What's next?

The optimization technique used for LlamaZip on Optimism will also work on other L2s like Arbitrum.

More teams should do calldata compression optimisation for their L2 contracts to deliver a better user experience.

Protocol #2

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